2015 – The year of the Blog

For those following this blog for a while now know that I am a big lover of New Years. I love looking back at what I’ve learned in the past year and I love setting goals for the next.


Now the up-keep of this blog was among my resolutions last year and even the year before but sadly was not fulfilled as well as I hoped. Securing my masters was number one on the list & all my energy was directed to that. (Which paid off! Yeah! Anna O’Donoghue BA MA)

To be honest since I’ve returned from travelling – nearly two years ago – this blog has always been on my to do list, but I feel I been fretting about keeping this resolution so much that I lost the love for it.

And one of my major goals in life is too …


This year I’ve made a conscience decision to change that and re-discover the reason I began this blog – to use it as my creative outlet.

To document the ideas that come into my head in any way shape or form and to share them with … the world. However crazy and random they might be.

2015, the year of the blog – this blog.


Firstly a little blog makeover to mark this new beginning.



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