So I took up Arm Knitting …

Yes you read right … I recently took up Arm Knitting.

What is Arm Knitting I hear you ask? Well it is exactly what it says on the tin, it is like knitting just using your arms instead of knitting needles.

I learned to knit in about fourth class and I remember the first thing I made was a scarf for my childhood teddy Cuddles *everyone say awwhhh*.

About 15 years later, while living in the recorded hottest place in Australia – Cloncurry, QLD – my friend and I decided that it was the perfect place and time to start knitting again – as you do! 😛 Well the real logic behind it was that one of our fellow backpackers, Sarah from Canada, used to crochet and that inspired us to knit our own scarves for our upcoming trip to snowy New Zealand. I’ve been knitting on and off since then, though its never been big projects, I still can only do two stitches; plain (garter) and purl and I can’t even follow a pattern!

I love make these tea cozies, they are so simple and fun to make.









I’m just saying all this to show that anyone can take knitting back up from when they learned at school or take it up from scratch as an adult especially with the powers of a YouTube tutorial.

Now back to Arm Knitting …

A dear friend of mine shared this video of someone Arm Knitting a cowl scarf on my FB page and I was fascinated. It was so random but looked so easy to do so after I ran out of things I could knit I decided to give it a go.

Firstly: Buy thick chunky scarf wool – I got mine in the amazing haven that is Vibes and Scribes, Bridge Street, Cork.


Top Tip: Because – and you’ll find out later – you need to double up on wool strands you really need to really buy 3/4 large balls to complete this project. 

Secondly: Log on to and search ‘How To Arm Knit A Scarf’.

I used this tutorial.

Honestly I think the hardest part was to get used to following the tutorial and maybe doing the stitches.

IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020

Also try not to start a project when you have to do anything, like use the bathroom, as you tend to get a little tied up. 😛


The whole project took me a total of two nights to master and a grand total of 40mintues to make the scarf. After a while the stitches are so repetitive and easy that I was on Facetime to friends the whole time I was making it.

Honestly it’s that easy!

So what does an Arm Knitted cowl scarf look like you might now ask?



How cute? Not sure you can see the detail from my picture so here are a few cute ones I found on Pinterest!

Oooooohhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh

And talk about timing … it’s been frrreeezzzziiinnngggg here the last few weeks so the morning after I finished it I woke up to a blanket of snow outside my house.

IMG_0023 IMG_0024

So all weekend I’ve been tucked up in my Arm Knitted scarf, it even made an appearance at home in Kerry. Its soooooo soft and chunky – what else would you want in a scarf?


Honestly it is such an easy and fast project to do for beginners – I Arm Knit challenge you all!

Just look how cute this Arm Knitted blanket is?

Watch this space!

How To: Baby-Grow Milkshakes

I made these cute Baby-Grow Milkshakes for a friends recent baby-shower and they turned out a treat.



A lot of people were asking how I did them so here it is! They are so cute, cheap and so simple to do! and if your like me and your calendar is full to the brim with Baby Showers and christenings these are great unique gift ideas! 🙂

What you need;

1. Baby grow/s – Check out Chapters Custom baby grows or alternativly you can also use socks, blankets or any other baby clothing items.

2. Smoothie/Milkshake cups; I actually just approached a smoothie counter and asked could I buy some cups, they gave me 3 cups for under 50c but you could buy them in any discount store.

3. Coloured facecloths; A pack of 3 purchased from a €2 store, although you can make these without these facecloths if your baby-grows are patterned/coloured.

4. Decoration straw/ ribbon / personalized image.

5. A smoothie/milkshake tray; which I got from McDonald’s. 🙂

Step 1: Roll the baby-grows into the coloured facecloth and place inside the smoothie cup.


Step 2:  A white (to act as the cream) baby-grow folded small and placed on top placing the milkshake lid securely over it. IMG_0180


Step 3: Decoration. I placed a personalized image inside the cup and some blue ribbon on top (keeping in with it’s a boy theme) and placed them in the drinks tray.


You can create your own milkshake designs using different coloured and patterned baby grows and clothing! Here are some prepared earlier…..:-P

il_340x270.344782140 il_570xN.426658089_inux images il_fullxfull.292798210  2a0a565f691c87f3619aa6a9e78eaa81

Have fun all! Let me know how yours turned out!?