Dear 11-year-old me


Dear 11-year-old Anna,

Look who it is?! It’s you at 28! Ancient I know, but don’t worry it’s pretty amazeballs – yes that’s a word.

So while I’m here, is there anything you would like to know? WWWOOOOOOOHHHHH of course you do, I can tell you one thing, you never stop asking questions and you’re still a chatterbox … maybe you should tone that down a little.

  • Honestly, listen to your Mother – she really speaks the truth.
  • Don’t worry, Sharon H will still live up the road until you go to college – will actually sing at her wedding and she will be the most amazing bride you will ever see.
  • Of course, Aisling will still be in your life, you still feel 11 when ye hang out! No, she’s not hugging trees but yes she’s still a vegetarian … Check out her blog! #proudofher
  • Please don’t drop art at school.
  • Stay weird – it’s better fun.
  • You will find an amazing group of friends that just get you – turns out they’re the exact same.

  • You will actually get to know must of them very soon, but you’re not as close just yet!
  • Though amazing people will continue to come into your life to this day & already you can’t think of what your life would be like without them.
  • Yes, everyone will eventually stop calling you “Anna Banana”.
  • Just be yourself, honestly it’s worth it – stop trying to impress people and be something you’re not.
  • Of course, you should audition for that part, audition for all the parts, if you’re not in you can’t win.
  • No, you’re not going to be on Broadway – but your 100% ok with that. You’ll still continue to sing and perform to your heart’s content.
  • No, you don’t get better at spelling – but it’s ok, you’ve figured out why and you’re damn proud of it. You even become a Journalist.
  • You’ll be free of a certain music teacher very soon.
  • You’ll surprise yourself and achieve more than you ever thought. You can do anything you put your mind to – DREAM BIGGER MY FRECKLY FRIEND! 
  • Nope, you never learn how to tame that curly mop of yours. 
  • There is a thing called YouTube & it will take over your life.
  • Sorry little one, you have NO chance with Stephen Gately, he gets married to his boyfriend of 13 years and sadly passes away in 2009. It still upsets you to this day.
  • Yes, I remember that bucket list you created, you’ve actually ticked more than half of it.
  • No, I’m not going to tell you which half. Though I can tell you that you’re still not married but actually really happy with the fact, as your having waayyy to much fun.
  • And technically you actually never really become an adult.


  • Sam Smith is a major man in your life, don’t worry Garth Brooks still has a special place in your heart and he’s back on tour but 2014 is not a good year for you in that department – no you still don’t wanna talk about it. *sheds tear*
  • You’ll find a grá for Cork, DON’T FREAK OUT!!, other places are on the list too – Australia being one of them.
  • And no the water doesn’t flow down the toilet in the opposite direction over there.

OK, OK, STOP ALL THE QUESTIONS NOW! You’re just going to ruin it for yourself!

Just one piece of advice; keep taking chances, jumping at every opportunity & living life with no regrets. The good, the bad and the ugly will all add up to who you are today, everything happens for a reason and so far it’s all been totally worth it.

Oh, look who already has the hang of it? Yes, you could call it amazeballs.


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