Behind the scenes

Right so I’m officially on the ‘5 photos that make me smile’ bandwagon thanks to the fabulous Unatheresa Hughes.

Now as much as I love taking & sharing photos it really is the sneaky screenshots & hidden gems that don’t make it up online that really make me smile! The hungover days, the mental moments and the snap happy selfies hidden away in my camera roll.

I know having this blog aswell as my jammed packed instagram & twitter accounts puts me in the position to share everything with the world, but genuinely most of my life especially my favourite parts don’t quite make it up online. I live a relativity quite ‘Facebook life’.

As much as I love (and maybe tad obsessed) with the world of social media you can’t translate the phone calls, the sweet messages, the life chats, the hugs, the advice, the good dead’s or even the drinks but what social media does do is help you remember them.

“It’s what’s not on FB that really matters!”

Genuineness does.

So here are 5 SFF (suitable for Facebook) sneak peaks to behind the scenes – photos that REALLY make me smile.

If your reading this I TAG YOU & of course the peeps below!

— with Clíona Hurley and 4 others.

1450205_10152837498937439_5710791904819905251_n 1620670_10152837499072439_4534691964260811937_n 10432093_10152837498897439_974445505762562808_n 10801636_10152837499152439_5821410846865043691_n 10407394_10152837498992439_3282172636869279702_n


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