Just what I needed

“It’s all about the Zen pencils”

One of my closest friends sent this to me today to “feed my soul” and it turns out it is exactly what I needed. (For some reason he seems to always know)

Read through the following comic by Zen Pencils and place yourself in a either the left of right column.

Just click and zoom in to read


If you are the two girls in the left column then join the club or if you are the girl in the right column, I applauded you.

I go through stages of switching from different columns but I’m mostly the hippie with the vision board, so much so that if you know me personally I can guaranteed you LOL’d passed that frame. Don’t lie!

I’m a dreamer – there I said it! I’m the women giving these conferences with “Dream Big” and “Make your mark” inspirational quotes plastered all over my Instagram.

Although I 100% still believe these mantras are essential for a healthy mind and mental health I fail to follow through, I get too caught up in the dreaming.

So excuse me while I take this year out – post my Masters degree (which I just completed last month) – to concentrate on less dreaming and more doing.

Weelllll maybe just keep the dreaming to the weekends.



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