How To: Baby-Grow Milkshakes

I made these cute Baby-Grow Milkshakes for a friends recent baby-shower and they turned out a treat.



A lot of people were asking how I did them so here it is! They are so cute, cheap and so simple to do! and if your like me and your calendar is full to the brim with Baby Showers and christenings these are great unique gift ideas! 🙂

What you need;

1. Baby grow/s – Check out Chapters Custom baby grows or alternativly you can also use socks, blankets or any other baby clothing items.

2. Smoothie/Milkshake cups; I actually just approached a smoothie counter and asked could I buy some cups, they gave me 3 cups for under 50c but you could buy them in any discount store.

3. Coloured facecloths; A pack of 3 purchased from a €2 store, although you can make these without these facecloths if your baby-grows are patterned/coloured.

4. Decoration straw/ ribbon / personalized image.

5. A smoothie/milkshake tray; which I got from McDonald’s. 🙂

Step 1: Roll the baby-grows into the coloured facecloth and place inside the smoothie cup.


Step 2:  A white (to act as the cream) baby-grow folded small and placed on top placing the milkshake lid securely over it. IMG_0180


Step 3: Decoration. I placed a personalized image inside the cup and some blue ribbon on top (keeping in with it’s a boy theme) and placed them in the drinks tray.


You can create your own milkshake designs using different coloured and patterned baby grows and clothing! Here are some prepared earlier…..:-P

il_340x270.344782140 il_570xN.426658089_inux images il_fullxfull.292798210  2a0a565f691c87f3619aa6a9e78eaa81

Have fun all! Let me know how yours turned out!?


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